Damage to the spine and surrounding joints can occur within the womb.  If baby is not head down, abnormal forces are put on the joints of the spine and other joints.  Birth can also be traumatic: 

  • The head and neck of the infant have been pulled and twisted during the birth process
  • The birth process is prolonged
  • The delivery process is prolonged
  • Forceps, vacuum, or other aids are used during delivery
  • C-section

Then, imagine if our adult bodies went through what the body of a child goes through on a daily basis. Falling down numerous times a day while learning to walk, rough-housing with brothers and sisters, getting injured while playing sports, or even sleeping in odd positions. We, as adults, would be in serious pain!

Chiropractic adjustments for children are SAFE, get results, and offers kids unexpected health benefits! The three most common health benefits were: a stronger immune system, better sleep, and improved moods! Let's keep our children healthy and THRIVING as they are constantly growing and changing!