See what our patients are saying about us here:

I came in with severe pain in my left arm, so much that I had trouble sleeping at night. Within the first week of adjustments my pain was completely gone. Since I’ve been getting adjustments once a week I have had NO lower back pain at all!
— Laura
Vaughn was brought to Dr. Amy because he was not a happy baby. He did not make anything easy with treatment, but he slowly improved and we thank Dr. Amy for not giving up on him! He has a much better attitude and is HAPPY!
— Linda (Vaughn's Mom)
Before I began care I had a lot of soreness and pain, and was told it was just part of pregnancy. I learned that through chiropractic care and some personal changes (posture, sleeping positions) pregnancy can be a lot more comfortable.
— Emily
I came in having lower back pain, sore hip, dizziness and bloating. Now, after a few months, I don’t have these symptoms anymore.
— Diane
I hurt my wrist in gymnastics in February and had pain since then. I went to a wrist specialist for 6 months who put multiple casts and splints on me and who wanted to do surgery!! I never had any change in my pain. When I came to see Dr. Amy in August I realized that I had a misaligned bone in my wrist. Since coming here I have had huge progress, therefore, I do not need surgery anymore.
— Katie
Prior to seeing Dr. Amy I had significant pain that would make it uncomfortable to sit for an extended length of time. I had sinus problems that could cause severe sinus headaches. Both have improved significantly and even my TMJ symptoms have lessened.
— Lynne