Acid Reflux/Heartburn

The section of your back between your shoulder blades has nerves that exit the spine and control the stomach. When these nerves get pinched by a poorly aligned spine, the stomach can malfunction (i.e. REFLUX). Getting adjusted will free the nerves and return proper function to the stomach. This relieves REFLUX.

At Thrive, we help many patients of all ages (newborn to elderly) with acid reflux.

•Babies that spit up often or are unhappy and uncomfortable benefit greatly from chiropractic adjustments. We have seen a lot of babies completely stop spitting up and stop suffering from pain with just a handful of chiropractic adjustments.

•Pregnancy is a time when a lot of women experience REFLUX. Many pregnant patients continue coming in weekly just so that they don’t have to experience REFLUX. Adjusting the spine, helps the stomach work better, even during pregnancy!

•Adults of all ages benefit from a reduction in REFLUX. If you think about our society and how much we hunch over computers and how often we are reaching forward or bending slightly, this will give you an idea of why so many Americans suffer with acid reflux. Hunching and bending forward, reaching and working on computers are all ways the area between our shoulder blades gets pulled and stressed. This leads to those nerves getting pinched.

Getting adjusted and making sure the stomach nerves work properly is so important. Along with that, work on getting your shoulders back and stop hunching. Also, when the head is forward of the body (most people have this) this puts exaggerated pressure on the area of the middle back, also leading to REFLUX symptoms. Push your chin in and head back to help keep your ears over your shoulders and this will also help keep that upper back area healthy.

In addition to getting adjusted and improving your posture, eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eat clean by eating whole foods such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to drink water.