Plantar Fasciitis

This painful condition affects nearly 2 million each year. The most common symptom is pain in either one or both of the heels. The pain is most often felt during the first couple steps in the morning or during any kind of physical activity. But this condition is found in the foot – how can a chiropractor help with a FOOT condition?!The cause of plantar fasciitis can vary for each individual, but in general there is a problem with how the joints of the foot are functioning and moving which in turn leads to soft tissue injury and ultimately pain. As a chiropractor, we work with joints all over the body – even the feet! By ensuring proper alignment and motion of the all the bones in the foot and ankle the soft tissue will begin to heal.

Although the healing process may take some time, there are additional therapies that can be beneficial and provide relief during this time. Dr. Nicole will apply RockTape to provide additional support to the soft tissues in the arch of the foot, NeoRelief can be used to provide relief from pain, and you will be instructed in exercises that will strengthen the foot. All of these tools used together can lead to relief from this painful condition! If you or anyone you know suffers from Plantar Fasciitis do not hesitate to ask how chiropractic care can help.